This may well be the single greatest highlight of the Globe calendar. In just over a month’s time, Globe return to the beautiful Lake District for our annual Christmas weekend away!


We will be staying in Bassenfell Manor, a traditional country manor set in between forests, hills and fields. On Saturday we will take a day trip to see the stunning Derwentwater, walking beside the lake and then visiting the market town of Keswick.


Scenery at Globe Weekend Away 2017


Fun, friendship, festivities, food, (more) food…

Our time in the Lake District is always memorable. We enjoy meals together including a traditional Christmas dinner. Optional group discussions take place where we look at the real meaning of Christmas and why that gives us great reason to celebrate! Free time will include board games, a short countryside walk, and a treasure hunt!

I want to attend!

Great! Please fill in a booking form at Globe on Monday evenings, or email us @ with your name and mobile number to reserve a space. The trip cost is £100 including all meals and transport – you can pay this in cash at Globe on Mondays or contact us to arrange alternative payment.