What’s Going On

Summer Globe

Summer Globe offers an opportunity for international students to make friends with local people in Newcastle and practise English (if this is what you need!). We meet every Monday 6.00-8.00pm (UK time) during the summer for chit chat and games at Exhibition Park

Monday 6.00-8.00pm (UK time)



GlobePlus is a weekly conversation session on Zoom especially for international students who are not in the UK. You might be a recent graduate, a current student, or a prospective student who – for one reason or another – are not living in Newcastle at the moment. We talk about anything and everything in this session! To give you a better idea, we usually have some light chit chats, play 1 or 2 games and focus on a topic for deeper conversations, e.g. freedom, culture shock and manners.

If you are in Newcastle and evening doesn’t suit your schedule, you are welcome to attend this session too!

Monday 1.00-2.00pm (UK time)

Click here to join the Zoom meeting or use the details below:

Meeting ID: 920 4106 8158
Passcode: Howayin