Welcome to students joining us in Newcastle this summer! And for those of you staying on over the summer…we hope you’re enjoying the warmer than usual weather!

Plenty going on in Globe Café to keep you busy and entertained this summer. Please join us at any or all of the following:

Globe Café (Monday, 7:30-9pm)

Globe is a café run specifically for international students. We’d love to hang out with you every Monday evening! There will be board games, with tea and coffee served for free.

Storytelling Group (Tuesday, 2-3pm)

Do you love to chat in English? Do you love to share stories? Do you love to learn new ideas? If the answer to any of these is yes, you’ll feel at home in our storytelling group! The group will share experiences, make up stories together, learn a little about a story from the Bible, and play games.

Baking Group (Wednesday, 2-4:30pm) except 10th and 24th July

This summer, Globe is getting our oven gloves on and trying baking! Whether or not you’ve tried baking food before, come and give it a go in our baking group. Each week we’ll be making a specific item, and there’ll be loads of opportunity to chat, make friends and play games together. All you need to bring is £2 – we’ll order the ingredients. It’s going to be sweet!

Frisbee in the Park (Thursday 2-4pm)

Make the most of the summer weather and join us for an energetic game of frisbee in the park. Please join us no matter whether or not you’ve played frisbee before. Meet at Jesmond Parish Church at 2pm – we’ll then walk to Exhibition Park together to play the game.

All of these events are open to all international students in Newcastle. For each one, meet at Jesmond Parish Church (the yellow door, around the back of the church building).