Globe is a weekly cafe open to all international students in Newcastle. At 7pm we have a dinner together, priced £2.50 cash. Then we make friends and chat with some board games and weekly discussion topics. Free tea and coffee is served all evening. We’d love to see you there on Monday!


For the time being, Globe activities are all moved online:

Globe Café : 7pm-8.30pm  Zoom Meeting Passcode: HowayIn!

Globe Plus : 1pm-2pm  Zoom Meeting Passcode: NotInToon?

GlobePlus is for prospective students or returnees who are not in the UK. However, those who are not available on Monday evenings are welcome too.

*The I in the passcode is a capital i, not a lower case L.

If you ever have any issues during your time in Newcastle, or want to meet up to chat about anything, we would love to help you out.